Use method and precautions of assault boat

2024-03-20 15:40

How to use an assault boat

1. When boarding the boat, passengers must set foot on the boat with both feet and cannot stand beside the boat. Standing in the boat is strictly prohibited.

2. When the assault boat is moving, passengers are strictly forbidden to get on and off the boat, and it is strictly forbidden to stand in the boat. Each passenger must wear a life jacket, and the driver should buckle all buckles.

3. When the machine boat is sent ashore, it must be fully docked and pushed vertically to the shore. It is strictly prohibited to send it ashore horizontally to prevent the boat from crashing.

4. The machine boat must use power when sailing without wind and on calm water, and always pay attention to prevent falling into dark currents, which sometimes cause the boat to suddenly lose buoyancy and capsize.

5. The machine boat shall be manned according to the regulations, and overloading is strictly prohibited.


Matters needing attention

1. The machine boat should be kept clean, inspected and cleaned frequently to prevent gasoline, diesel or other foreign matter from entering the boat, causing pollution or other accidents.

2. Keep it dry when storing the blade boat, often check whether the fuel oil is deteriorated, and regularly add anti-rust agents and lubricating oil to ensure that the boat body is in good condition.

3. The machine boat should pay attention to safety during use, and it is strictly prohibited to use weapons when driving, so as not to cause accidental injury.

4. Before using the UV-boat, you must understand the local waters to ensure safe driving.