How to find and collect water for camping?

2024-03-20 15:34

Life is inseparable from water, without food normal people can live three weeks, but without water, three days can not live, so water should be a priority:

1. The preferred place to find water in mountain areas is the valley bottom area. To find water in mountain areas, you should find it along the rock cracks.

2. On the coast, pits should be dug above the highest waterline, and there is likely to be a layer of filtered water about 5 cm thick floating on the denser sea layer.

3. When drinking water from the sunken water, it must be disinfected, precipitated and then boiled.


4. Collect rainwater: Dig a hole in the ground, lay a layer of plastic, surrounded by clay, can effectively collect rainwater.

5. Condensate: Wrap a plastic bag over a leafy twig. Transpiration will produce condensation.

6. Follow animals, birds, insects, or humans to find water.

7. Water from plants: hollow plants such as bamboo often have water between nodes, vines often have drinkable juices, and the fruits and stems of palm and cacti plants are rich in water.

The above is what to pay attention to outdoor camping content, I hope to help you.