What should I pay attention to when camping outdoors

2024-03-20 15:18

Wilderness camping is an outdoor lifestyle, mainly for the purpose of tourism, military needs and other temporary residential camps built in the field. Here's what you need to know about outdoor camping:

1, tent: Choose a stable structure, light weight, wind resistance, rain performance of the strong double tent is better.

2, special tools: compass, map, rope, folding spade, flashlight, needle and thread, fishing hook and line, machete, camera, etc.

3, rescue box: antidotes, powder, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, Yunnan white medicine, analgesics, gauze, tape, bandage.

4, fire appliances: lighters, matches, candles, magnifying glass. Among them, the candle can be used as both a light source and an excellent accelerant.


5, picnic utensils: kettle, multi-functional picnic pot, sharp multi-functional folding knife, tableware.

6, pest prevention: there are more mosquitoes in the mountains, so you should choose tents with fine mosquito net gauze. In hot and humid woodlands, it is best to use mosquito repellent to smear the whole body, in the absence of mosquito repellent drugs, you can use wormwood in the tent to smoke mosquitoes, the effect is good. If you are bitten by centipedes, gnats, or tabanus, use ammoniac water or ointment as a cold compress.

7, hotbed: camping, if there is a companion because of the cold and sick, we have to warm it. In the absence of a mat, the campfire can be extinguished and then laid on a layer of things, which becomes an ideal hotbed. If there is no condition to make a protective bed, the kettle can be filled with hot water and placed on the patient's side.

8, thunderstorm days do not camp on the top of the mountain or open ground, so as not to be struck by lightning.

9, before setting up the tent, you must carefully survey the terrain, do not have stones, rolling wood and those weathered rocks above the camp, once found near the signs of rock scattered, absolutely can not set up the tent, especially the closer to the rock wall, the more you should pay attention to, try to avoid camping in the concave place. If you spot a rolling stone, call out immediately to inform your fellow travelers.

10, in the rainy season before camping in the field must pay attention to the local camp and the upstream of the river in the climate, hydrological conditions, camping should pay attention to a few meters from the water on the high ground tents, do not choose the rainwater channel, to choose a good drainage place, but also choose the path of escape when dangerous. When everything is settled, it is also necessary to pay attention to the water flow and turbidity and the sound of water. If you feel anything, you have to run. Late at night or when tired are major causes of disaster, never be careless or inattentive.