what are the characteristic of picnic mats

2024-03-20 15:06

The camping mat is not a moisture mat

Camping mat is also a kind of waterproof mat, camping mat is also known as grass mat, outdoor picnic mat, beach mat, tent bottom mat, etc., mainly used in the suburbs, garden grass. Camping mat soft texture, easy to carry, can place the grass is destroyed, to provide a good rest environment for camping.


Functional characteristics of camping mat

1, there are all kinds of grass clippings on the outdoor grass, sit directly on it, these grass clippings will dip into the whole body, put the items you carry directly on the grass, easy to get dirty, affect the mood, spread on the camping mat can block these.

2, the net structure of the camping mat makes it have excellent breathability, in a few square meters of wide grass, the scope of human activity is relatively small, so it is easy to trample on the growing grass, the camping mat can play a protective role.

3. It is very convenient to carry and organize camping MATS. Spread a variety of food on the camping mat, pick up these "mess" after camping is simple and convenient, do not have to look for damage to vegetation or natural environment on the grass.

4. The camping mat is made of high-grade cloth or non-toxic PVC material with high temperature foam, with high rebound, moisture proof, cold insulation, heat insulation, comfortable and beautiful. When a friend takes a photo or a family outing, it is necessary to rest and eat on the lawn or beach.

What kind of material is good for outdoor picnic MATS

1. Oxford cloth

The advantages of Oxford cloth used as a picnic mat are wear-resistant, washable, and moisture-proof, and Oxford cloth is also a relatively environmentally friendly class of materials.

2, PVC material

pvc picnic MATS are also a kind of picnic MATS that we see more, and this material is also environmentally friendly materials. Compared with Oxford cloth, it may not be so convenient when carrying, but it has good moisture resistance, so it is also a kind of product that people choose more.