What's in the fire rescue kit

2024-03-20 15:00

Eight-piece fire emergency kit includes:

1, fire extinguisher: used to put out small fires, choose the right type of fire extinguisher according to actual needs.

2, gas mask: used to provide respiratory protection in toxic smoke environment, to prevent the inhalation of harmful gases and smoke.


3, strong searchlight: provide strong lighting, used to find an escape exit in a dark environment or rescue operations.

4, waist axe: used to break doors and Windows, open channels or emergency rescue.

5, fire rope: used for escape or rescue when fixed, dropped or dragged.

6, fire hook: used to remove obstacles, pull objects or rescue operations.

7, pure cotton flame retardant blanket: a blanket with flame retardant performance, used to extinguish fire sources or protect the body from flame and high temperature damage.

8, emergency kit: for carrying the above items, easy to carry and store.