Qingdao Xuyue International Trade Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the brand capital of China - Qingdao, mainly engaged in outdoor sports, mountaineering adventure, camping leisure, fire rescue and other outdoor supplies production and sales. The company spirit of "excellent quality, service first" business purpose, and constantly develop new products to meet the needs of the market, from product design, production, until after-sales service, always adhere to the customer as the center, in all aspects of production and service "want to customers, urgent customers urgent", to provide our customers with quality and perfect service. The company has an efficient and all-round production base, the introduction of international leading design concepts, advanced manufacturing technology, has obtained the EU CE, iso9000 quality management system, China Classification Society CCS inspection certification. The product involves eight outdoor scenes, forming a three-dimensional product matrix of sea, land, and air (water). At present, there are 25 outdoor product lines, involving more than 120 kinds of products: tents, sleeping bags, hammocks, picnic MATS, backpacks, pillows, air cushion covers, kites, windsurfing, etc. The company has 10 inflatable product production lines, involving more than 60 kinds of products: inflatable bed, sleeping mat, pillow including special environment, special position sleeping equipment, water station board, kayak, water rescue, sports floating platform, motor boat, rescue boat, drifting boat, inflatable emergency rescue mat, inflatable tent, inflatable canopy, inflatable castle, yoga equipment and so on. Enrich the sports scene and create a healthy outdoor environment. We will adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, quality assurance, customer service, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, dedicated to provide customers at home and abroad with ideal, high-quality outdoor activities products.
Main business
We specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of outdoor camping products, including tents, sleeping bags, outdoor supplies, etc., to provide comfortable and safe camping experience for outdoor lovers. At the same time, we also provide a variety of high-quality textiles, such as outdoor clothing, towels, etc., as well as hardware products, such as tent accessories, outdoor tools, etc., to meet the different needs of customers.
International business
Our products are sold all over the world and are welcomed and trusted by international customers. Our international business team consists of experienced professionals with excellent cross-cultural communication skills and market insight, able to provide customers with personalized services and solutions.
Quality assurance
We strictly implement the international quality management system, all products are in line with the relevant quality standards and certification requirements. We cooperate with many excellent manufacturers to ensure stable and reliable product quality and provide customers with the best quality products and services.
Corporate vision
Qingdao Xuyue International Trading Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the "quality first, integrity first" business philosophy, is committed to becoming the world's leading outdoor camping products supplier and solution provider, to create more value for customers.
Qingdao Xuyue International Trading Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade enterprise committed to providing high quality outdoor camping products, textiles and hardware products. Our headquarters is located in the coastal city of Qingdao, China, which is the maritime capital of China, with beautiful natural scenery and convenient transportation, providing us with unique geographical advantages for international trade.